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Price Menu for Facials 

You may want a blissfully relaxing facial incorporating soothing massage to melt away your stress.  You may desire an anti-aging facial treatment that will lift, firm, brighten and smooth your skin.  You may want a combination of both.  Specialized treatment for sensitized/rosacea conditions that will leave your skin looking and feeling better than ever!  We truly take the time to listen to you and design the perfect facial to meet all your needs.   Our facial bed is a spa experience in itself! You will leave feeling like your skin, and your whole body is refreshed and renewed!

Get radiant results with our cleansing, exfoliating, and rejuvenating treatments, customized for your individual skin condition. Our experienced estheticians will help you achieve the refined, luminous skin you desire through facials

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Facial Description 



European Facial This facial helps maintain a healthy complexion incorporating European methods to cleanse and gently exfoliate the skin.  A customized ampoule and a relaxing facial massage and mask treatment make this a unique experience that rejuvenates and illuminates the skin. Single – $68
3 pkg – $190
3 pkg – $147
Sensitive Skin
Capillaries Facial Treatment
This customized facial treatment is designed to treat oily, problematic, blemished skin. Concentrated formulas offer multi-benefits to absorb oil, reduce impurities, exfoliate, sooth and balance the skin. Single – $68
3 pkg – $190
 Single $49
3 pkg – $142
Moisturizing Facial Treatment Rejuvenate your skin with a pampering moisturizing facial that delivers exceptional hydration and nourishing benefits to your skin. The skin will look bright and feel soft and soothed. Single – $68
3 pkg – $162
Single $49
3 pkg – $142
Acneic Problematic Facial Treatment This customized facial treatment is designed to treat oily, problematic, blemished skin. Concentrated formulas offer multi-benefits to absorb oil, reduce impurities, exfoliate, sooth and balance the skin. Single – $68
3 pkg – $190
3 pkg – $142
The Ultimate Facial[CH] Collagen,            Hyaluronic     Acid     Treatment This patented age-reversal cosmeceutical program is the first to address the “real age” of the skin with targeted solutions offered in both the professional spa treatment and home care regime.  This customized anti-aging facial packs a powerful punch of peptides, antioxidants, firming collagen and hyaluronic filling agents.Learn More

Reveal a more youthful skin as if you have turned back the hands of time.  A mineral microdermabrasion of volcanic rock and salicylic acid will prepare the skin to receive the “injection-like” effects of our wrinkle filling serums.  Continue with a facial massage with our patented elasticity revealer followed by a collagen lifting mask to plum and repair the skin.  The results – look years younger!
Single – $99
3 pkg – $297
Single $85
3 pkg – $245
Resurfacing Peeling Treatment Detoxify, oxygenate and resurface the skin for immediate visible results.  A manual micro-dermabrasion with semi-precious ruby and sapphire crystals is followed by a renewing glycolic/salicylic peel.  A relaxing massage and oxygenating mask reveal a radian, clear complexion Single – $68
3 pkg – $190
Single – $49


Preparing for your Facial

Be sure to allow enough time to fill out a comprehensive intake prior to your treatment. Plan to arrive a little early so you will not feel rushed and can enjoy the entire length of your treatment. Remember that your hair may become damp during the facial, and will usually be held back from your face with a soft wrap or headband, so you may not want to schedule a public appearance right after your facial! There is no need to remove your makeup prior to the appointment, as it will be cleansed off during the facial.

What to expect

Facials are generally very relaxing and soothing. Your esthetician will explain to you what the treatment steps will be. Be sure to communicate with your esthetician during the facial if any product burns, itches, or if you need anything or have any questions. Otherwise, just lie back and enjoy the experience. A basic facial generally includes the following steps:

  • Makeup removal and cleansing of the skin.
    Skin analysis.
    Exfoliation by mechanical, enzymatic or chemical means.
    Massage of the face and neck, to aid in relaxation and stimulate blood and oxygen flow to the skin.
    Extraction of blackheads and other impurities,
    Application of products targeted to your skin type (dry, oily, mixed, sensitive, or mature).

After the facial

After a facial, your skin will probably be soft, smooth and well hydrated. However, if multiple extractions were needed or if you required a fair amount of exfoliation, your face may be somewhat rosy for one to two hours or more, depending on how sensitive your skin is. This is quite normal. You can apply mineral makeup after your facial if there is some redness you want to conceal.

What about home care?

Your esthetician will go over which professional home care products for you to continue the improvement in your skin following your professional treatment. This way, you will be using products that maximize benefits and prolong the effects of your treatment. Your therapist can explain how, when and how much of the products to use. Feel free to call the therapist later, if you have any questions.

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